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Giant Gummi Bear dropped into boiling Potassium Chlorate


I love his reaction

like, “Yeah bitches we gonna do some sciOH SHIT TOO MUCH SCIENCE ABORT ABORT FUCK”


"The thermal decomposition of potassium chlorate produces potassium chloride and an excess of oxygen, which is sufficient to ignite the Gummi bear. The heat produced continues to decompose the potassium chlorate resulting in a very rapid combustion reaction.

2KClO3(l) → 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g)

C12H22O11(s) + 12O2(g) → 12CO2(g) + 11H2O(l) + heat ∆rH° = -5645 kJ/mol-rxn”

A 2 gram gummi bear produces enough heat to heat 1 liter of water nearly 8 degrees C.


fuckedup0nlife asked:

ah screw it I cba to be anon but yeah i'm getting tickets on the door (which may take a while haha) so do you get the meet and greet tickets when you're in? also where do you get them? because I need to meet Curtis Armstrong so badly

You can get to earls court exhibition centre really really early to queue up for Early Bird tickets which get in at 9am or you can get entry for standard which opens at 11am but there will already be thousands and thousands of people there so will take some time. If it’s just Curtis then you should be ok for time, if you just want his autograph you walk up to his desk and pay £20 there the queue shouldn’t be too bad and you can talk there and ask for a photo. If you want a professional photo you need to queue at the sales desk which is in the middle near the front of the hall to buy a ticket then you wait for the photo shoot time and queue up for that but that’s just a quick hi, photo, bye. I went for autograph cause you can get a free photo with him from that if you just ask as long as it’s not too busy but Curtis is really lovely and should be ok doing that :)


Anonymous asked:

when you met Curtis Armstrong at comic con did you have to get a ticket to meet him or anything beforehand? also where did you find him? i'm going tomorrow and I reallyyyyyyyy want to meet him but I have no idea how all this stuff works

Entry tickets can be bought on the door on the day but it’s incredibly busy so you would need to be early. Then after that you pay for his autograph where you can talk to him and ask for a quick photo like mine. That costs £20. You can also buy a professional photo with him for £20 but no auto with that. If you have any more questions message me off anon and I can help :)

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